The Community Arts Program (CAP) offers well-conceived art experiences led by CounterPulse artists that advance our goal to create socially engaged art in partnership with community based organizations and civic agencies. Our work in community centers, public housing projects and single room occupancy hotels invites artist facilitators to experiment in co-creative models of program design that erase the boundary between audience and artist. The specific goal is to provide safe interactive environments where participants can explore the creative process and examine their personal connection to the artistic outcomes of the project. Whether the project is a weekly workshop or a 6-month artist residency, CounterPulse’s CAP values community partnership and works together with our collaborators to create experiences that are engaging, accessible and relevant as we work toward social change.

Upcoming Events

Block Fest in the Forest

Leroy Staples, Dawn Leigh, Ramekon O'Arwisters, Jason Wyman, Mary Claire Amable, Celi Tamayo-Lee
Friday, May 5th, 3pm-5pm