CounterPulse is proud to host the longest running contact improv jam in the Bay Area! 25 years going strong. Each Tuesday evening features a focused or thematic class from 6:30PM-8PM followed directly by a jam, which lasts until 10:30PM. Attendees are welcome to attend one or both, and both are open for beginners and experienced practitioners alike. The class and teacher rotates each month.

October Class

There is so much available to us through movement, and exponentially more when we include another person. Every movement is performed with the body. Skillful navigation of physical terrain is the foundation upon which the complexity of contact is laid.

This class will look at the complexity of contact and offer some lenses that are helpful for organizing what can seem like a chaos of options.  The physical forces at play are the same alone or together, but together the options for how to ride them expand. Starting with the body we will explore our options, and practice learning and then respecting limits, in order to expand our overall possibilities.

October Teacher: Nuria Latifa Bowart

Nuria was introduced to Contact Improvisation by Neige Christenson in 1990. She has been studying and teaching Contact ever since. Her exploration of movement has led her to study other movement art forms that heavily influence her understanding such as Capoeira and The Axis Syllabus, both of which she teaches. Nuria enjoys dancing and performing with many local Bay Area artists and she also has a private practice as a Rolfer.

For more info on Nuria please visit:​


An art space for contact and improvisation, experimentation and inquiry. Tuesday nights jams are a focused forum for movers and shakers: experimentation is welcome, be it in physical, sociological, performative, or compositional realms. Each improvisor is responsible for their own choices. Each jam is cooked up by those who show up.


  • Class: 6:30PM-8PM, Jam: 8PM-10:30PM
  • All levels, including beginners
  • Classes are drop-in, no RSVP necessary
  • In the upstairs studio at CounterPulse, ring the doorbell for entrance
  • $15 Single Class, $5 Single Jam, $18 for both