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FRESH Practices
Mary Armentrout and Violeta Luna

CounterPULSE Underground (80 Turk Street)
JAN 18-19, SAT-SUN at 11AM 

11AM-2PM Live Art Thinking with Mary Armentrout – Some thoughts and questions: Performance composition supported by and deconstructed through Feldenkrais practice. exploration of how cross-genre works, works that use bits of more than one kind of media – movement, sound, words, image, recorded, live – work, smashed together with an exploration of the power of site/context to amplify and disrupt. examination of collage as a kind of thinking. where does presence live in all of this? what are the layers of the body and what are the layers of the self? what is the inside and what is the outside? where do the layers of the emotional and the psychological reside? how does artwork talk about the inside and the outside metaphorically while working with the material of humans in space, time, and environment? what’s the point of working in a non-proscenium, non-black box environment? how do you communicate in collage format? what are the things that you can say better in this way?

2:30-5:30PM The Body in Action: Paths Towards a Personal Cartography* with Violeta Luna – Workshop participants will make use of their personal memory and identity as the expressive territory where they will chart a vocabulary of stage actions. Drawing on their use of body, participants will also work on imagery related to their individual and social understanding of gender, sexuality and race. Some thematic threads in the workshop include: Body (fiction and non-fiction, presence and inner strength, body as subject/object); Space (internal and external, spatial relationships, the intervention of public and private space); Time (real-time, fictional-time, ritual-time); and Action (site-specific, action – reaction, responses to real and imagined stimuli, audience interaction, the creative accident). This workshop has been created for artists of performance, dancers, actors, spoken word or visual artists interested in performance art and in exploring the intersection of the personal, the theatrical and the political through stage actions.

Pricing:  This is one of four 2-day workshops offered through FRESH 2014 – Individual workshops are offered at $50 each or $150 for all four. To register email Kathleen Hermesdorf or call us at 415.504.2434.

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January 18, 2014 @ 11:00 am
January 19, 2014 @ 5:30 pm
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