Evan Johnson and Teddy Hulsker in collaboration with Libby King
Thu-Sat, May 31-Jun 2, 8pm
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 BARN OWL is a genre-busting theatrical experience exploring loss, queer cosmologies and the power of belief.

Featuring an intergenerational ensemble, BARN OWL seeks to surpass boundaries of identity, age, gender and narrative form. This piece confronts the viewer with universal questions such as: Why are we here together? Where do we come from? Where will we go next?

The story centers on Harmony, a non-binary New Age book clerk, whose mother abandons them as an infant to be raised by their Uncle Al, a working class realist who owns a bowling alley called Galaxy Lanes. Harmony’s attempt to redefine, accept and transcend life’s challenges is what drives the action of the play.

Inspiration for BARN OWL comes from New Age ideologies, the sacred–profane dichotomy, UFO phenomena and digital artifacts left behind by members of Heaven’s Gate. Created within the context of a cultural climate that is fixated on boundaries that divide us, BARN OWL dares to move beyond an earthbound mode of thinking in an attempt to build a bridge to something bigger than ourselves. This interdisciplinary performance work utilizes text by Evan Johnson (writer/performer), video and sound design by Teddy Hulsker (performance artist/designer), choreography by Clove Galilee, stage design by Bernadette Flynn, lighting by Christian Mejia and direction from Libby King.

BARN OWL is co-produced by CounterPulse and has received financial support from Intersection for the Arts and benefited from Z Space’s design-based residency program.

Cover photo of Evan Johnson and Teddy Hulsker by Robbie Sweeny


May 31
June 2
$20 - $35