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Dear CounterPulse community,

CounterPulse’s soul is made of the magic of being together. Together with people who feel like family. Together with people we may not encounter anywhere else. We exist, above all, to make space to gather—to be united in collective experiences, to come into friction with new people and new ideas, to be changed, and by extension, change the world.

In the face of a world pulling apart, we insist on being together.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, this togetherness needs to change in shape and shift in time. CounterPulse is canceling and/or postponing all public events taking place as part of our Spring 2020 Season, from now until the end of May. This includes our annual gala, Innerspace 2020, previously scheduled for May 7th.

For me, the threats of this experience move beyond the very real health risks. As advocates for transgressing borders of all varieties, we as a community need to continue to flex our togetherness muscle. We need to mastermind how to center radical solidarity right now. We need to insist on finding ways to be together even while we socially distance and self isolate.

This is as much a cultural emergency as it is a public health one.

I encourage us to have intergenerational conversations about the early stages of the HIV/AIDS crisis—how did we hold the community together then? I encourage us to talk interculturally and learn from crises that have happened elsewhere or elsewhen—how were they faced with beautiful resilience? These conversations are helping me personally. It may seem like nothing like this has ever happened before, but unfortunately, that’s not true. Fortunately, we’re not starting from zero.

In the face of a world pulling apart, we insist on being together.


Julie Phelps
Artistic & Executive Director

P.S. Practically speaking, please stay tuned for announcements on when all the AMAZING events we had planned in the Spring will be rescheduled. If you are a ticket holder to a postponed event, we will be in touch separately. Be assured that all information on the website is being updated on the daily to reflect any changes real time.

P.P.S. Please make a donation if you are able to support CounterPulse during this time of financial uncertainty. Please also consider making a direct donation to an independent artist suffering deeply from this upheaval.

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