Desires and Resistance | Unearthing Trans Legacies

Finn Paul
Fri, Oct 25, 8pm
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Mining existing archives and creating new ones, Unearthing Trans Legacies proposes alternative modes of retrieving and disseminating a trans past through an erotic gaze and experiments in form and narrative storytelling.


Defiantly looking towards a future of pleasure, play, and beauty; these works place trans sexual expression and resistance in conversation with a non-linear idea of history, that is both real and fabricated, to address how limited evidence of a past shapes our understandings of the present.

Trans artists have found that oppression does not solely affect our material conditions. Our relationships with each other, our ancestors, and communities are also at stake. Trans visibility should acknowledge the lived archive.

2018 was a moment of increased visibility for trans people; recent cultural shifts see far more representation across the media, governance, and health care. Yet, these appearances are more suggestive of the trappings of a visibility designed more so as “teaching tools” for those outside trans communities. It is still challenging to locate an entirely trans-specific history, or physical evidence of a past prior to these sudden and current “revelations” of visibility. In this program of short films, trans artists address the erasure of rich legacies of trans activism and art by creating artworks that revisit and re-imagine these stories.


October 25
$10 - $20