Volunteer of the Month: March: Aparna

Aparna has volunteered almost every weekend of 2013, ensuring a successful Spring Season. Her calm, collected nature has been a constant positive.  Thank you, Aparna, for all of your hard work these past few months! You open mindedness and enthusiasm for new art  are an inspiration.


Volunteer of the Month: January: Ellie

Ellie literally defines positivity and enthusiasm. She has supported CounterPULSE over the years in numerous fashions; including: renovating the tech loft, handling lobby installations and volunteer ushering. Through her hard work, Ellie has made CounterPULSE look good in soooo many ways. Thank you Ellie!

Volunteer of the Month: September: Emily

Emily goes above and beyond each and every time she volunteers. Her positivity, work ethic and attention to detail mean that she runs a mean bar with a serious drink!  Thank you Emily!



Volunteer of the Month: August: Monica

After graduating from college in LA, Monica is back in the Bay Area and exploring the performing arts scene!  She has brough her love for dance and experimentation to CounterPULSE where she is bartender extraordinnaire.  Thank you Monica for all of your hard work!

Volunteer of the Month


Volunteer of the Month: July: Matisse

Matisse went above and beyond last month and I am truly so grateful for all of her help! She is a pro at box-office and brings a warm, energetic presence to CounterPULSE.  You can catch Matisse in Collage Theater productions, (which she both runs and directs) and in various other projects around town.

You Da Boss Matisse! 

Volunteer of the Month


Volunteer of the Month: May: Jesse

Jesse has given his time, spirit and energy to CounterPULSE in many ways over the years.  Over the past month, he rocked our bar and helped make May Day a success.  Thanks so much for all of your hard work Jesse!

Volunteer of the Month


Volunteer of the Month: April: Marla

Marla is not only charming and beautiful but incredibly hardworking! She is a student, volunteer and avid patron of the arts.  She knows how to have a good time and lighten the mood at any event.  Thank you for all of your hard work Marla!

Volunteer of the Month: April

Volunteer of the Month: March: Esme

Esme has graced CounterPULSE with her charm and passion for dance numerous times.  You can catch her teaching classes at ODC, interning at Dancers Group, or catching shows at CounterPULSE.  Her awesome style, positive attitude and amazing dance moves continue to WOW! Thank you Esme for your hard work!

Volunteer of the Month: March

Volunteer of the Month: February: Dasha

Dasha brought her amazing energy to CounterPULSE for three weekends in January.  Her bright smile, positive attitude and awesome customer service helped shows run smoothly! Dasha is a practicing dancer, art lover and and deep thinker. Thank you for all of your hard work Dasha!

Volunteer of the Month: February