The CounterPULSE Gallery

The CounterPULSE Gallery

CounterPULSE’s gallery is a space offered to exhibit work by emerging artists and established artists looking for new audiences. Visit the Gallery rental page for more information about reserving space.

Gallery hours are 12pm-6pm, Tuesday-Friday and one hour before scheduled performances and events.


Hotel in a Bottle

Hotel in a Bottle

Feb 2-14, 2012

The installation portion of Erin Malley’s upcoming work, Hotel in a Bottle, will be on display in the gallery. The installation is an integral part of the performance, presented as part of the Winter Special Series on Friday, February 10-11, 2012 at 8PM. The best way to experience the installation is to come to one of the performances!


Photo by Mark McBeth Pictured: Lynn Huang

Past Exhibitions

strata: or maybe the Beginning

Nov 2-Dec 1, 2011

Closing Reception on Mon, Nov 28, 7-9pm

An exhibition of art by and for Jeanne Platt
Artface Performance Group celebrates their member Jeanne Platt’s beautiful and enigmatic visual art with a gallery of art pieces created by Jeanne over the course of her life and art created in honor of her spirit and memory.

Photo of “I miss you, I miss me” by Jeanne Platt

 The Blind Approach

Oct 5-Oct 31, 2011

An exhibition by Troy Bayless, John Skinner, and guests

This collection is an attempt to represent, discuss and critique our experience with nature and ourselves, and how that experience is often driven by ego, fear, and avarice.  It is our graphic journey through the experience of human ego.  Using photographic collage, allegorical imagery, costume and human expression, we examine the correspondence between the natural world, technology, and our humanity.


Photo of Raya Light

In the CounterPULSE gallery & California Institute for Integral Studies, 1453 Mission, 3rd Fl.

The Living Past: Innovating Tradition in the ArtsLiving Traditions image

Oct 28-Jan 9, 2011, Opening Reception on Oct 28, 7pm at CIIS

A group exhibition co-curated by Lydia Nakashima Degarrod and Deirdre Visser

This exhibit celebrates the threads that connect us to our cultural traditions by presenting works from artists who use traditional elements from their cultures to address contemporary issues.  The artists draw from a diverse variety of cultures: San Francisco’s Chinatown, the murals of East Los Angeles, Japanese American internment camps, Hawaii, the Mexico/United States border, Guatemala, Iran, Nepal, Japan and West Africa. The traditional is used as inspiration, material and/or technique, as these artists help us break the boundaries of time and space.

This exhibition is being held in conjunction with Performing Diaspora, CounterPULSE’s festival featuring dance, music, theater, media and interdisciplinary artists who are using traditional forms as a basis for experiment and innovation.

Photo: Omar Pimienta, Lady Libertad apparition/aparición 1, variable sizes, 2009

Outlook Theater Presents:

Lavender Scrolls Project

June 1 – 11, 2010

OutLook is proud to display the Lavender Scrolls during the world premier of This Many People. The scrolls are a project of Lavender Seniors of the East Bay. The mission of Lavender Seniors is to improve the quality of life of older Lesbian,Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender residents of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties through outreach, advocacy, and education.

The Lavender Scrolls are available as an exhibit for showings at organizations, senior service centers, schools, libraries, festivals, art galleries and other places and events where public awareness about this community is desired. All eight Scrolls are available, as well as one, two or a few of them. Representatives from among the participants may also be available to come talk about the project and about their lives as LGBT elders. Contact the Lavender Seniors of the East Bay to reserve a showing. 510.667.9655


Artship Ensemble Presents:Artship Ensemble

Once Upon and Now: Factual and poetic responses to history

May 4 – 31, 2010

A visual and interpretive exhibition of art generated parallel or around the Atrship Ensemble production of the original theater piece Tender Stone. Science and natural history often use formant of Interpretive Exhibitions with more text, charts, maps and similar instruments to explore the context of the theme. Art is presumed to be self-explanatory, stand alone experience needing no explanation. Artship Ensemble always creates, with a number of associated artist and documentary material a broadest context for its original productions. The exhibition, also provide a discreet introduction to the mood of the performance. Tender Stone is based on the nurturing wisdom of women storytellers of the Persian and Mogul empires, of the 17th century.
Participating Artists: Dennis Letbetter, Moira Roth, Karina Epperlein, Tom Franco, Slobodan Dan Paich, Cyndera Quackenbush

Asian Improv aRts

Asian Improv aRts Presents:

Bridges: The Work of Asian Improv aRts

April 5 – 25, 2010

This exhibit features photographs and video of recent cross-cultural and interdisciplinary works commissioned and presented by the celebrated cultural production organization Asian Improv aRts.