Twice annually CounterPulse curates and presents a critically acclaimed season of events co-produced with local and touring artists. We partner with independent producers and artists by offering access space, resources, and production support at subsidized rates. Being selected to present work in our season has helped launch artists by increasing visibility with new audiences through CounterPulse’s outreach. If you are interested with working with us please apply for one of our two annual deadlines, see below for more detail.

Proposal Deadlines:

  • Fall of 2015 at 80 Turk St. (September-December, 2015) please submit by January 29, 2015.
    • Our Fall 2015 season will be our inaugural season in our new, expanded venue at 80 Turk Street
    • If you are interested in making a proposal, please review all information below.
    • See instructions and download proposal form below.
    • Email any questions to Zoë Klein at
  • Spring of 2016 at 80 Turk St. (April-Aug, 2016) please submit by October 14, 2015.
    • If you are interested in making a proposal, please review all information below.
    • See instructions and download proposal form below.
    • Email any questions to Zoë Klein at

Our curatorial philosophy:

  • We are open to many different proposals from a wide variety of artists, and there are no rules about who we will select. However, we tend to choose applicants who:
  • Blend more than one performance genre or discipline. Collaboration with other artists is strongly encouraged.
  • Are community-based and socially aware. We are interested in work that addresses current social, political or environmental concerns.
  • Have a distinct and compelling vision for how they would like to take advantage of CounterPulse’s physical space.
  • Who will bring a new community that broadens and cross-pollinates with CounterPulse’s existing audience.
  • We particularly encourage queer artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities to apply, and we prioritize world premiere or regional premiere performances.

What we offer:

There is a $2500 Co-Production fee to co-produce with CounterPulse, this fee includes:*

(Exact offerings and rates subject to change)

  1. 3 performances (not to exceed 5 hours per event)
  2. Production coordination
    • Direct support from CounterPulse’s Producing Director
    • One dedicated House Technician for all performances up to 5hrs each night, 1hr production meeting, 8 hours of technical rehearsal, and 1 hour of strike on closing night = 25hrs total with Technician.
  3. Front of House and Box Office Services for three (3) performances
  4. Liability Insurance Coverage: For rehearsals and performances
  5. A Marketing Package: Presence on CounterPulse Website, social media, inclusion in relevant season print materials and press outreach, monthly e­blast sent to over 8,000 people, and opportunity to post on the CounterPulse
  6. Comprehensive Ticketing Services: Phone and online pre­sales and box office management at the Artists receive 100% of the proceeds from the box office after fees paid to our ticketing vendors (see details below in ‘Box Office’ section).
  7. Audience­Building Data: Contact info and demographic statistics about Artist’s
  8. Access to Expertise: CounterPulse’s friendly and professional staff is available to help support Artist through production, marketing/outreach and financial wrap­up.

*For four performances in one week (Thurs-Sun) the base co-production fee is $3000, all other offerings are the same as listed above. For single or two night performances the rate will be determined on a case-by-case basis in advance, and will include all of the above offerings unless otherwise specified.

Please note:

  • Any Tech Rehearsal hours in excess of the 8hrs listed above can be reserved for $45/hr for up to 20 hours; $40/hr for more than 20 hours.
  • We expect you to arrange for your own design elements, including lighting, sound, audio and video design.
  • If you require more than the one technical staff person provided please either arrange for your own staff or discuss your expanded staffing needs with CounterPulse.
  • As appropriate, we expect each co-producer to have plans for the marketing and outreach need of their event.

How to Make a Proposal:

  • Read the entire contents of this webpage.
  • Download the Co-production Proposal form: CounterPulse_Co-ProductionProposal_Spring2016
  • Complete proposal form
  • Email proposal to by specified deadline
    • Submit your application as an attachment in either MS Word or PDF format.
    • Please save and submit your application document using the following labeling system: “FullName_Spring2016_CoProApp.doc”, e.g. JonSmith_Spring2016_CoProApp.doc
  • Please do NOT submit any materials not requested in this application.
  • Please do NOT send/deliver Application Form as hardcopies
  • Hardcopies of DVD/CD of work samples are accepted, but we prefer online links. Hardcopy submission of work samples must be RECEIVED no later than 5pm on the date of the specified deadline.  Please send/deliver a self-addressed envelope with return postage if you would like us to return your DVD/CD. Mail or deliver hardcopies of WORK SAMPLE materials only (no printed application materials) to:  CounterPulse, ATTN: Zoë Klein, 80 Turk St., San Francisco, CA 94102


Main Stage:        Our Main Stage is : 28.5ft wide x 28’ deep x 16’1 1/2” high to lighting grid ceiling height.

Fully sprung hardwood floor covered with black marley, option of black curtains, aerial riggable. There are two (2) single­stall ADA bathrooms, dressing room/green room. Dressing room/green room is suitable for 5­-10 people. There are 2 toilet rooms with one that has a shower.

 Curtains:   There will be 2 Curtain tracks so that you can have all white walls or all black curtains wall to wall and all black curtains with a Stage Right off stage area.

          Curtain Track Opt A:

  • Performing Area Width: 23’­2”
  • Performing Area Depth: 28’­3”
  • Ceiling height to grid: approx 16’­1 1/2” above the sprung

Curtain Track Opt B:

  • Performing Area Width: 28’­8”
  • Performing Area Depth: 28’­3”
  • Ceiling height to grid: approx 16’­1 1/2” above the sprung

Technical Equipment: Lighting & Audio & Projection equipment details coming soon! Sound System will include new Meyer Speakers, and Rep Light Plot will include the following positions:

   REP Light Plot Positions:

  • Front Lights ­ Down Stage
  • Front Lights ­ Up Stage
  • Hi Sides ­ Down Stage
  • Hi Sides ­ Up Stage
  • Back Lights ­Color Changing LEDs
  • Center Center Top Light
  • Cyclorama/ Back Wall Color Changing LEDs
  • CounterPulse maintains a small stock of gels, but recommend that designers provide their own gels

Flooring: The theater floor is a sprung hardwood dance floor covered in black marley. The marley is required at any event where shoes are worn or heavy props are used that may damage the floor. There is the option of removing the black marley to expose the hardwood (there are NO Shoes allowed on the hardwood), and to change the color of the marley to grey or white.

Audience Seating: CounterPulse has a legal capacity of 149 people. Standard seating accommodates is approx 115 seats. Pillows are available for floor seating. Alternate seating configureations are possible (in the round, concert pit, etc.)

Accessibility: CounterPulse is an ADA­accessible theater. Wheelchair ramps and elevator must be accessible at all times. The backstage areas must be kept clear before/after the show and during intermission to allow access to restrooms. All fire exits must not be obstructed.