Winter Special 2014

  • Performances: January and February, 2014

  • Application Deadline: Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013, 11:59pm

  • Notifications: Friday, October 11th, 2013

  • Application form and instruction can be downloaded here.

  • Email with questions and to request the application form.

Summer Special 2013

  • Performances: June and July, 2013

  • Application Deadline: Monday, January 21st, 2013, 11:59pm

  • Notifications: Wednesday, January 30th, 2013



Here at CounterPULSE we strive to offer artists and cultural innovators a variety of ways to access the plethora of resources and expertise we offer. Especially during these trying times, when options and resources are severely limited, CounterPULSE is dedicated to ensuring that artists, regardless of funding, can produce a successful event.  That is, an event that generates earned income, attracts new audiences and helps realize new artistic possibilities.

With these goals at heart, we are pleased to offer CounterPULSE’s Summer and Winter Special!

Our Specials are offered for all events in June/July, and January/February as a co-production. You keep 80% of all box office income after basic expenses are covered (see chart below), with the option of either two or three nights of performance.

Part of the way CounterPULSE is able to subsidize our rates so significantly for this program is by standardizing some of the options.  Please note that all shows must happen in June or July of 2013 on Fri and Sat or Fri through Sun, with a 5-hour tech time on Friday from 11am-4pm.  The house lighting plot may not be changed.   If your event requires modifications to these parameters, please review our standard Co-Production package offerings for your event.

Email with any questions.



Two Nights

Fri & Sat

Three Nights


Performance/Event Space UsageIncludes:

  • Space for a 5 hour block, 6pm-11pm with 8pm show time
  • House Manager
  • House Technician
  • Box Office services
  • Inclusion in CounterPULSE’s online publicity


(paid at contract signing)


(paid at contract signing)

Tech/Dress Rehearsal Space UsageIncludes:

  • 8 hours for all load-in, cue writing, and dress rehearsal with a house technician

*House plot only, no hang/focus available
**Tech time must occur Thurs 2-6pm & Fri 1-
5pm on the week of your show, no exceptions
***Any tech time above these hours charged at
$40/hr rate

No additional Fee


No additional Fee

Non-Tech Rehearsals*must be scheduled Mon-Fri, 10am-6pm $10/hr $10/hr
Box Split

  • After the above Fees are deducted, all box office income will be split: 80% goes to artist/company






Space/Theater: 1350 – ft2 (25’ wide (20 ft. if shins are used) x 30’ deep) studio-theater with 15 ft ceilings. Fully sprung hardwood floor, option of marley floor, option of black curtains, aerial riggable. Two single-stall ADA bathrooms, dressing room/green room, lobby, TV/VCR/DVD and kitchen. Fire hallway is available for moving bodies only and cannot be used to store anything. Backstage bathrooms are shared with audience. Dressing room/green room is suitable for 3 or 4 people. It also contains a shower. The front offices and the tech loft are off-limits.Gallery/Lobby:Use of the gallery/lobby walls is not included in this contract.  CounterPULSE may have art on display in the gallery during your performance.  If you would like to use the gallery walls, you will need to make a separate request and sign a separate contract.Props/Costumes: Props/Costumes may be stored at CounterPULSE beginning the Monday preceeding your event with prior permission one week before and after event. Large props/set will be accommodated at the discretion of the CounterPULSE staff. Props should be labeled with your name and event date whenever possible. Props/costumes unclaimed one week after event will be discarded. Technical Equipment: CounterPULSE has a full range sound system, 16 channel Soundcraft FX Board with built in effects, 2 microphones, 2 main EV speakers, 1 projector, 1 projector screen. For detailed tech spec list, please check the website.Audience Seating: CounterPULSE has a legal capacity of 172 people. Standard seating accommodates 95 seats. Pillows are available for floor seating. Alternate seating configurations are possible (in the round, concert pit, etc). Please connect with the Program Manager in advance to arrange for a change to our standard configuration, additional fees associated with space, supplies and staff will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Flooring: The theater floor is a sprung hardwood dance floor covered in black marley. The marley is required at any event where shoes are worn or heavy props are used that may damage the floor. There is the option of removing the black marley to expose the hardwood (there are NO Shoes allowed on the hardwood), and to change the color of the marley to grey or white. Please connect with the Program Manager in advance to arrange for a change from our default black marley flooring, additional fees associated with space, supplies and staff will be determined on a case-by-case basis.Trash/Recycling: If your event generates more trash and/or recycling than our receptacles will hold, you are responsible for removing it.Lost and Found: CounterPULSE is not responsible for any items that you or your audience leave behind. In the case of props/costumes stored with prior approval, CounterPULSE does not guarantee the security of these items. We suggest that valuables are not left unattended.Accessibility: We are an ADA-accessible theater. Wheelchair ramps must be accessible at all times. The backstage areas must be kept clear before/after the show and during intermission to allow access to restrooms.Animals: Only licensed service animals are permitted at CounterPULSE.


CounterPULSE Staff:TechnicianCounterPULSE will provide a technician for operation of lights and sound during all technical rehearsals on Friday of opening night 11am-4pm, performances 6pm-11pm, and strike and restoration. On all work days of 8 hours or more, the technician is guaranteed a 30 minute paid break. You are responsible for direct communication with the technician regarding all technical needs.House ManagerThe house manager arrives 2 hours before the show and works directly with ushers and volunteers to set up the audience seating, lobby, and concessions, and to facilitate post-show clean up. House managers are not responsible for any additional front of house set-up including merchandise sales. The house manager will keep the box office open only 15 min. after the show begins.Your Staff:Other Technical PersonnelDepending on your technical and aesthetic needs and preferences, we encourage you to provide any other technical personnel (sound technician, video technician, etc.) as necessary.Stage ManagerThough it is not required, CounterPULSE strongly encourages you to hire a Stage Manager.Two Ushers/VolunteerYou are required to provide at least ONE volunteer for each event who will work directly with the CounterPULSE staff. In the event that you do not provide one volunteer, $25 per missing volunteer will be deducted from your final balance. Volunteers should arrive no later than 1.5 hours prior to the event and be prepared stay a 1/2 an hour afterward. Additional volunteers are required for Open Door events.


CounterPULSE is responsible for: Website/Email Your event will be included in CounterPULSE’s website, and in its monthly email announcement, so long as sufficient information is provided by the appropriate deadline. Please see separate guidelines for submitting images and text.You are responsible for:PublicityAll additional event publicity, including flyers, press releases, etc.CounterPULSE LogoAll publicity must include the CounterPULSE rental exchange program logo.CounterPULSE ReviewAll publicity must be approved by CounterPULSE before it goes out.