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  • The House Managers of CounterPulse are the busy bees ensuring our Front of House is running smoothly. These dedicated individuals are seamlessly relaying information among artists and technicians, overseeing our box office ushers, and making sure all our patrons are accounted for. So who are the Managers of The House? Take a moment to read […]

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  • Groundwater and Grassroots: The Curious Tale of Justin Ebrahemi

    My Path: My career trajectory seems foreign to my family. “You’ve been studying water for 2 years and now you’re at a dance organization?” Well, not quite. You see, I got my Masters in a social science research program entitled Environment & Community, where I interrogated the disparate cultural themes surrounding water management in search […]

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  • CounterPulse Fall 2017 Season Announcement

    CounterPulse is launching into an electrifying fall season with a series of performances that seek virtual bodies, radical bodies, quantified bodies and missing bodies through movement. We face extinction and environmental toxicity while finding resilience in community, pleasure, and corporeality. We’ll kick things off with new works from Combustible, CounterPulse’s newest residency program that synthesizes […]

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  • A Malfunctioning Body: An Explication of Kinetech Art’s MESH

    As technology complexifies with increasing vigor, it’s easy to overlook perhaps the most complex (and intimate) technological system: the human body. At the intersection of dance and creative technology, projectors illuminate dancers; beneath the canvas/dermis exists a intricate network of blood vessels channeling through bones that protect our organs that keep us alive. The projector […]

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  • Mirrors of privilege: a reflection of The White Stuff

    Where does art fit in the landscape of social justice? Through peering into social constructs, can art instigate direct action? Where is the line drawn between performance and audience, and is the most transformative art those without a clear division? These questions I pondered prior to Annie Danger’s production, The White Stuff, immersing me into the experience weeks before […]

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