Call for tattooed actors/models for video/photo shoot for upcoming Homo File Performance Project by Seth Eisen

Call for tattooed actors/models for video/photo shoot for upcoming Homo File Performance Project by Seth Eisen

Call for tattooed actors/models for video/photo shoot

for upcoming Homo File Performance Project by Seth Eisen

Sunday, July 22nd  at Center For Sex and Culture

1349 Mission St between 9th & 10th Streets, on the corner of

Grace Street, San Francisco, CA


Interested models please send photos and info on your body type and tattoos

Time will be given with confirmation. (DO NOT JUST SHOW UP. THANKS — SEE BELOW)


We are looking for male or trans guys—who are bi, gay, queer or queer friendly actors/models who won’t mind being physical with other guys for a photo and video shoot that is sensual in nature and will be shot with uniforms and some nude. The photos/video will feature the tattoos as well as sexual poses that will recreate the form of documentation created by Samuel Steward in the 1950s. We are looking for masculine looking guys who can pull off “a look of guys in a uniform” such as cops, sailors, 50s hustlers, body builders, blue collar workers of any kind, men in suits and the like. See the following video for reference:

Types of tattoos we are seeking:
The models should have multiple tattoos in various locations. They can be amateur tattoos, professional tattoos, both via traditional methods and mechanized tattoo needles. And although we’re looking for some guys with more dated tattoo styles (international folk style or unique artwork, especially anyone with Navy iconography like anchors, rope and styles from 1930s-70s with roses, hearts, foliage, genitals, wings, dragons, snakes etc.), we are open to any and all unique possibilities that stimulate the imagination. We are seeking men of all ages and body types and especially guys from 20-40.
Interested guys should email and send photos and description of tattoos and experience posing. Please state if you have any experience acting and or being directed in porn or nude photography or just a natural talent. We will have to be somewhat selective, as we’re casting no more than 10 guys.

About the show: Homo File
Seth Eisen writes and directs an ensemble of multidisciplinary performers/artists/collaborators in his new Queer history performance project titled Homo File, chronicling the life of Sam Steward, (1909-1993). Steward was a college professor, a prolific author of homoerotic fiction, an influential tattoo artist, and Queer sexual maverick who lived his last 3 decades in the Bay Area. His artistic development and Queer self-awareness evolved through friendships with Alfred Kinsey, Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, Thornton Wilder, George Platt Lynes as well as numerous other LGBT luminaries.

The performance will feature Steward’s steadfast practice of documenting his private sexual experiences and the development of his alliances amongst Queer artists in an era of few civil liberties. Steward and his circle helped shape contemporary Queer culture despite the repressive climate they existed in. The threat of being outed, tried and jailed were always imminent. Steward was a Queer maverick and one of many lost LGBT histories. As part of the visual poetry of Homo File we are shooting photos and video to represent Steward’s work as an influential tattoo artist. Steward was a mentor to both Cliff Raven and (Don) Ed Hardy.

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