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FB_IMG_1464801544253Falling: From the ground up

This contact improvisation class will start on the floor warming up through a sensory process pulling from some Feldenkrais princples and finding easy ways up out of the floor and back down while tracking lines of force through the body. It will develop into an exploration of the floor using our sensations of the lines of force through other people’s bodies to find soft pathways up into low lifts and down through small falls.

Kevin Dockery is a physical thinker, mover, musician, writer and nature historian who uses performance to explore ideas of self, place, and fit in the cultural labyrinth that overlays our experience of life. He was Born in California and since a young age has been immersed in explorations of body, ecology and performance. His love of moving his internal world around in space developed in response to, and in contrast with, an ongoing love of stillness and sensing the natural world. His movement practice developed out of contemporary dance, Feldenkrais, martial arts and contact improvisation.


An art space for contact and improvisation, experimentation and inquiry. Tuesday nights jams are a focused forum for movers and shakers: experimentation is welcome, be it in physical, sociological, performative, or compositional realms. Each improvisor is responsible for their own choices. Each jam is cooked up by those who show up.



June 7, 2016
6:30 pm - 11:00 pm