Grand re Union LIVE

Art Stations Foundation, CounterPulse, Movement Research
Fri & Sat, Dec 18 & 19 on Twitch and Zoom
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The offerings for December’s Grand re Union LIVE invite us to rehearse the transformation of power. These three events are opportunities to make revolution in community, as we shift deeply the systems that keep us oppressed.

Please join us in workshops and discussions that conjure tools for transformation and examine our relationships to the movement of power.

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LIVE on Twitch
7-8:15 p.m CET | 10-11:15 a.m PST

Dancing with Ideas: A Conversation on Consent

Discussion with Mayfield Brooks, Emma Kaywin, Aiano Nakagawa and randy reyes facilitated by Hannah Meleokaiao Ayasse


How do we understand consent, power, and agency in dance from the rehearsal to the class to the nightclub? You are invited to listen in on a roundtable discussion on issues of consent in dance featuring perspectives from choreography, contact improvisation, dance education, and nightlife. If we choose to ask our body and the bodies of others to create our art/work/joy, we must also choose to build our muscle of communicating about consent. This conversation will be broadcast on Twitch with the opportunity to send questions via the chat. You must create a free Twitch account to participate in the chat.


LIVE on Zoom
9-10:30 p.m CET | 12-1:30 p.m PST

Embodied Divination: REPAIRations, and Collective Response(ability) in the Afro NOW

Workshop by Amara Tabor-Smith

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Photo by Robbie Sweeny

In this hour and a half together,
you are invited to contemplate your body as oracle,
as compass,
and site for social repair.
A short journey together moving with
and the liminal space of now
hold on to your breath
freedom is not free

Please wear clothes to move in
a notebook
water to drink
any talismans/crystals that you work with or that offer you protection


LIVE on Zoom
6-7:30 p.m CET | 9-10:30 a.m PST

Shifting Power Towards Collective Liberation

Workshop by Aiano Nakagawa

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This workshop explores the intersection of the body, Power, and liberation. Together, we will begin to address and unpack Power in the body as we divest from patriarchal expressions of Power that make liberation next to impossible. Through a combination of lecture, writing, reflection, and dance improvisation/embodiment exercises, participants will explore their personal relationship to Power. Together, we will begin to establish new ways to move our internal and external expressions of Power to align our actions in the best interest of our collective healing, liberation, joy, and transformative potential. No dance experience necessary, all bodies welcome.

About Grand re Union

Right now how we can be together has changed. However, a crisis was already with us before the pandemic. Art Stations Foundation, CounterPulse, and Movement Research partnered to create an international, intergenerational conference in Poland in June of 2020 to address this crisis. A crisis precipitated by growing extremism and polarization tearing at the fabric of inter-human and interspecies relations, and our connection to nature.

The center of the earth is directly beneath each of us. We have something in common. 

This project was originally designed as an in-person gathering-and in-person remains the ultimate aim-meant as an opportunity to pause, an invitation to suspend business as usual, a chance to create time, and make space for deep reflection on the global circumstances of our era. Little did we know that there would be no need to contrive the conditions under which to be suspended, that a pandemic would arrive and enforce such a pause. A pause greater than we could have imagined. Inside that pause, our intent is reborn stronger. 

Grand re Union is a revival and embrace of the spirit of being united in collective thinking, acting, and dancing.

Grand re Union conjures the first horizontal improvisational collective Grand Union, established in 1969 by protagonists of postmodern dance. Project partners and artists will exercise the choreographic traditions borne of that time—renewing the knowledge created then, and adding to it the practices flourishing in the field since.

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December 18, 2020
December 19, 2020