Queeratorial Collectives Do It Themselves

Performance Primers
Fri, Sept 17, 2-4pm PDT at Oakland Township Commons
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Learn about and connect with Bay Area DIY performance and curatorial collectives by listening in on a virtual discussion on Twitch then attending an in-person mixer at Township Commons in Oakland, CA!

Fri, 9/10 • 12-1:30pm

Virtual Discussion 

Fuck the system! Hosted by the Performance Primers, this discussion will include representatives from casaa, the HIVE, blaQyard, Oaklash, and SALTA. These queeratorial groups span a range of creative disciplines, working collaboratively to curate local shows, perform, and support artists in the East Bay and beyond. While some collectives have ended and others are still emerging, several are going strong, despite the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic. In this conversation, we will explore how working on a grassroots level outside conventional venues and capitalist values opens up new possibilities and invites deeper engagement among audiences and artists. 

Fri, 9/17 • 2-4pm

Mixer @ Oakland Township Commons 

This outdoor gathering is a chance for all Bay Area-based DIY collectives or curious creatives to come together for socializing in a casual, in-person setting. Drinks and snacks will be provided by CounterPulse at Township Commons in Oakland. Folks are encouraged to bring friends and comrades as we build connections, share strategies, and deepen resolve for doing it ourselves in community.


For information about COVID-19 protocols at this event, visit counterpulse.org/covid19

Queeratorial Collectives Do It Themselves! is part of the 2021 CounterPulse Festival. Learn more at counterpulse.org/festival2021

About Performance Primers

The Primers is an Oakland-based, grassroots collective serving early-career creatives. Grounded in a DIY sensibility, Primers ask: what do local artists need? The Primers grow in direct response to continued evidence that our East Bay creative scene needs accessible performance space, a caring community, and production support to thrive. In our constantly evolving context, we provide fluid structural support to artists of all kinds. The Primers team listens to artists’ needs because we are the artists we serve. We are intentionally based and remain in Oakland, Ohlone territory: a Black city with a legacy of radical mutual aid, deconstructing oppressive systems, and fostering artistic abundance; principals that we align with in our work. 


We are a nascent collective of Black, queer, low-income artists living on Ohlone land in the Frutivale neighborhood of Oakland, CA. We are dancers, photographers, performance artists, singers, herbalists, music producers and multidisciplinary creators in various mediums. 

We are transplants to the Bay Area who chose to live here for the communities we formed and to pursue creative careers, often without financial or housing stability. In light of the ongoing pandemic that has forced us to create new lives inside, and the global resistance against anti-Black capitalist politics that destroy the planet, we feel called to return our home to the community as a land-based collective, hosting arts-based events for and by the people.

We are developing blaQyard into a space where not only is the land a collaborator in the work, but our neighbors, friends, colleagues, elders, and young people are as well. We intentionally cultivate a creative space where we form new relationships with the land we live on and with each other.


A playground since 1997. A planet of creativity. Home. A ceremony. An everything and a nothing. Infinite collaboration that transcends time and space between g y s. Mutants changeable mutable. An eternal friendship. Our intimacy allows us to question our human condition and explore the unconscious in a vulnerable and irrational way. Dance and Performance = PORTALS. Play is a spiritual practice. We dance to remember. We create to honor our ancestors!!!

Ritual          Rhythm          Reverence          Repeat                                                    

Ritual          Rhythm          Reverence          Repeat


The QTBIPOC Performing Artist Hive envisions and ignites a  multi-modal/multi-dimensional thriving ecosystem of QTBIPOC performing  artists through nurturing relationships,  sharing resources, and building power among Black, Indigenous, queer and  trans artists of color on unceded Ohlone land ( San Francisco Bay Area).


Since 2018, Oaklash has featured hundreds of queer performers from the Bay Area and all around the world at its weekend-long festival of drag and other queer performance that takes place annually in Oakland, California. Oaklash is dedicated to building new and ever-expanding stages to showcase & elevate Bay Area queer talent. Our programming aims to create safe and accessible environments that celebrate the queer community, especially queer and trans people of color. Our organization was created to showcase performances that are boundary pushing, provocative, and unique to the sensibility of the Bay Area. We aim to stay true to the history of Oakland as a home to creative renaissance rooted in diversity. 


SALTA was a collective of dancers that curated a free monthly mobile performance series in the East Bay. It approached curation as an experiment in: dancers making space for dance to happen, trying new formats of presenting and thinking about performance, taking care of performers, and being open to wildcards. SALTA was in ongoing collaboration with other dancers, watchers, spaces, curators, and collectives. After 5 years of performance events, SALTA shifted into an amorphous group of interdisciplinary artists who gather for an informal rural residency in Northern California.

With support from HMD’s Community Engagement Residency, a program of The Bridge Project.

Banner Photo Description: Line drawing of a brown body emerging from the windows and door of a fuscia house inside a circle of swirling gold and purple sparkles with a black background.

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September 17, 2021


Oakland Township Commons
288 9th Ave
Oakland, CA 94606 United States
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