As I continue to embark on the adventure of being human and making art, I am always considering where and what are my value’s.

I use this curiosity as a measure for being fully human and present in body, mind and spirit.

So I decided to embark in the art making process based on my life to illuminate theme’s of resiliency and strength

I’m a good case study in the sense that I am very strong physically, mentally and spiritually and am unbelievably intimidated by vulnerability. I struggle with this a lot. I am scared of what that landscape offers but I long for it. I am searching for balance…

Enter “Timeline”- a dance theater experience

Director- Leymis Bolanos Wilmott

This spectacular human being is the wind beneath my wings.

When I was in middle school, my angel wings wilted as I struggled to navigate through tough times…                                                                        I met Leymis in middle school and we were cool but not very close.                She was always a pleasure to be around, that I remembered and appreciated.                                                                                                    Fast forward to High School and we became close as one of a few dancers that made it into New World School of the Arts High School from South Miami Middle School.

Thats when she knew it was time to help out a sister and nurture my wings back to capacity.

I needed it!

When I got in the car accident that resulted in the amputation of my right foot, she was by my side just like she had been before I lost my foot senior year of high school.

Nowadays, she has a beautiful family and gave me the honor of being her first born’s godmother.

Not only that, SHE had the vision of creating a work of art based on my story to nurture these wings some more and send me to the highest levels of flight I have never imagined!

Thats what friends are for…


We started the creation of  “Timeline” in July of 2015.

We showed a works in progress that same season in Sarasota, FL

2 months later, we are invited to Buenos Aires to represent the United States in a physically integrated dance festival hosted by Compania De Danca Sin Fronteras. The untitled piece (still in progress) was met with a standing ovation and soccer-like cheers!

Now, Counterpulse is incubating the full evening length production of the completed piece. And, Leymis is pregnant. She will not be able to see the premier. Wow. I’m humbled.

I would not embark on this journey of autobiographical art making if it wasn’t for this spiritual and artistic treasure I have been blessed to call my friend, sister and confidant.

This is for her, this is for me, this is for all the angels with wilted wings that are always in search of being fully human.


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