Important 80 Turk Update

Important 80 Turk Update

Dear CounterPulse Community,

We have an important update regarding the 80 Turk Project. The opening performance of our 80 Turk Inaugural Season, will in fact, not be happening at 80 Turk. Due to sudden timeline delays with the renovation of the theater, our partners and friends at Joe Goode Annex will be hosting all evening performances of Hope Mohr Dance Bridge Project, Rewriting Dance. Tickets can still be purchased though our site here >>

We firstly, thank Hope Mohr and her collaborators for their graciousness in navigating through the unforeseen challenges of transitioning to our new location at 80 Turk Street.

As with all construction projects there have been delays due to myriad complications in the build out. On Monday of this week the timeline slipped yet again due to an issue with PG&E that held up other vital progress.

We regret any inconveniences this has brought our audiences and our season artists. However, we are continually awed by the grit and hard work our community puts forth and their willingness to rally with us when faced with adversity.

CounterPulse is experimenting in the unknown. We’re piloting a new process of stabilizing grassroots arts in a changing city. The structure of this process is a first not just for us, but for our funders, our stakeholders, and you. You’re on this ride with us, and we thank you.

At this point, our construction crews believe there is no reason to doubt any further venue changes for later season artists.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our new building.

In Collaboration,
The CounterPulse Team

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