Kimpa, Laura, Marie, Amy…

Kimpa, Laura, Marie, Amy…

As a woman of African descent, born to an African American mother and a Central African father, I believe this project reflects the uniqueness of my journey and addresses many of the questions that permeate my existence, as I seek God, and wrestle with womanhood, motherhood, Africanity, AfricanAmericanity and all of the ‘anities’ and ‘isms’ that come along with it. As I delve deeper into Mama Kimpa Vita’s story, the voices of kindred mother-martyrs have turned from whispers to raised voices,  adding the thread of their lives to the tapestry of this wondrous  works.

Mama Kimpa Vita

Mama Laura Nelson

Mama Marie Turner

(Mama) Amy Spain

And to all of the other mothers

whose graves are yet unmarked


whose rest has been anything but peaceful

and whom history would like to erase…

We have not forgotten you nor will we let them forget.

Photo Credit: Images by Audrey

Muisi-kongo Malonga In Kimpa Vita!  (Photo Credit: Images by Audrey)


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