Current Open Calls

Pictured: Abby Crain, Layton Lachman, Maria Poliak; Photo by Chani Bockwinkel

CounterPulse Co-Production

CounterPulse partners with independent artist producers by offering access to space, resources, marketing, and production support at subsidized rates to bring full length work to our stage. This is more support than a rental-house, yet still allowing artist producers complete range to realize their vision of a full length work. Whether the work is a developed touring work or work that is developed specifically for this opportunity, our Co-Productions program get your work in front of a San Francisco audience at a high profile venue.

Applications are due Monday, July 9th by 11:50pm

Download CounterPulse Co-Production LOI>>

Pictured: Ramekon O’Arwisters. Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Block Fest Artist Activator Residency

Block Fest celebrates the Tenderloin and our block of Turk Street with free arts activities, community information, and discussion. Every Friday, from 3pm–5pm, Artist Activators host unique activities, workshops, or conversations for anyone who lives, works, or plays in the Tenderloin. From interactive performances and conversations to screen printing workshops and crochet jams, Block Fest has Tenderloin neighbors returning on a weekly basis. 

Artist Activators are the creative force for each Block Fest. Artist Activators are responsible for four consecutive Block Fests across one month.  The stipend for Artist Activators is $900, with an option to receive a $100 stipend for additional engagement work (writing on the blog and hosting an additional activity).

Applications are due Monday, July 16 at 5pm

The full description of the Block Fest Artist Activator Residency is in the application link below. CounterPulse can provide technical support if needed with application. Please call 415-626-2060 to make arrangements.

Download Block Fest Residency Application >>

Acerca de Block Fest Artist Activators

¿Que es Block Fest?

Block Fest celebra el vecindario de Tenderloin y nuestra cuadra de Turk Street con actividades de arte gratuitas, información para la comunidad, y discusiones. Todos los viernes entre 3:00pm – 5:00pm, Artist Activators ofrece actividades únicas, talleres, y conversaciones con quien viva, trabaje o salga a divertirse en Tenderloin. Las actividades son muy diversas e incluyen cosas como actos interactivos y conversaciones, al igual que una variedad de talleres, como de serigrafía y de tejer. Block Fest ha atraído a muchos de los residentes del vecindario a participar frecuentemente. El programa empezó en noviembre del 2016 ofreciendo eventos mensuales y se va a empezar a presentar a presentar semanal en el otoño del 2018. Block Fest se presenta en colaboración con Central City SRO Collaborative.

¿Cuál es la oportunidad?

Los Artist Activators son la fuerza creativa detrás de cada Block Fest. Los Artist Activators son responsables por organizar cuatro Block Fests consecutivos en el transcurso de un mes. La residencia artística dura ocho meses, aunque la mayoría de tu trabajo va a ser durante tu mes designado de actividades. En el transcurso de los ocho meses de la residencia, los Artist Activators tendrán la responsabilidad de participar en tres juntas directivas y de ser voluntarios en dos de los otros Block Fests que pasen durante esos ocho meses. Los Artist Activators reciben un estipendio de $900 dólares por la residencia. Se les ofrece también la opción de recibir un estipendio de $100 dólares por trabajo adicional como organizar otra actividad o escribir para nuestro blog (diario digital).

Fecha de entrega limite: lunes, 16 de julio 2018, 5:00pm

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Pictured: Work by Tana Quincy, Photo by Cesar Rubio

CounterPulse Gallery

This is an open call for gallery installations this fall at CounterPulse. The CounterPulse Gallery is a three-floor white wall space with many unique surfaces—ideal for installation as well as hanging 2D works. CounterPulse prioritizes artists who are thinking site-specifically and/or artworks that are experimental in content or form. Our fall season is exploring terrifying futures, non-binary and intergalactic bodies, digital divides, shifting landscapes, and planetary healing. We encourage artists to consider these themes as they apply.

For specifications of the gallery area please CLICK HERE  and do consider the dimensions of the walls with the works you submit.

The CounterPulse Gallery open call is run through ArtSpan Art-in-Nieghborhoods program.

Applications are due Sunday, July 15

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