richien: Twindependent: CounterPULSE

richien: Twindependent: CounterPULSE

Jennifer Chien and I, Rowena Richie — a.k.a. “richien”– have settled on a new title for our piece. After much musing, wordplaying, and a poll we announce: Twindependent, formerly known as Twinstigate.

We wanted to change the title from Twinstigate in part because we are past the instigating stage of the process. As the other winter artists-in-residence, along with Miriam Wolodarski, we are now in show-mode.

Here’s our two-sentence show description:

Inspired by both the scientific and metaphorical implications of twinship, Twindependent is a dance theater piece incorporating live music and video projection. The piece juxtaposes an aesthetic of symmetry, doubling, and repetition with references to the consuming human drive to be an individual.
I think the title Twindependent neatly captures the latter part of this description; our need for a soulmate who mirrors us versus our desire for solo recognition.
Thank you to everyone who weighed in on our title survey. On with the show!

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