Sourcing, Processing, Book List

Sourcing, Processing, Book List


In the studio we are researching the pathways through trauma. We are talking about suffering, grief and how and why people are motivated to move into a new state of being. One of the positive things about trauma is once we begin to climb out of it, I believe we become more open minded, more sensitive and more understanding.

To support this research for the show, I’ve been reading a lot of books about self help, transformation and the body. Here’s my book list for the project thus far:

-The Psoas Book by Liz Koch
-Bright Sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America by Barbara Ehrenreich
-The Thinking Body by Mabel Todd
-Feelings Are Facts by Yvonne Rainer
-Awareness Through Movement by Moshe Feldenkrais
-The Confidence Code: The Art and Science of Self Assurance–What Women Should Know by Claire Shipman and Katty Kay
-The Mystic in the Theatre by Eva le Gallienne
-We Have Always Lived In a Castle by Shirley Jackson
-The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

I’d love to hear what books about self help or empowerment have been meaningful to you. Respond below in the comments if you’d like to share.

(pictured: Courtney Russell, notice the pools of light around her)

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