TALKS! Climate Change/Climate Justice

TALKS! Climate Change/Climate Justice

(co-sponsored by Nature in the City)

climate march w refinery cu_1259

Wed. Oct. 28, Free

What is going to be accomplished by “cap-and-trade?” How is global warming being co-opted by corporate power? What are equitable approaches involving local communities? How are the effects of climate change already appearing on the planet’s and the Bay Area’s ecosystems? What is the relationship between climate change and ecological restoration? Tom Athanasiou (Eco-Equity), Jon Christensen (Exec. Dir., Bill Lane Center for the American West, Stanford University), Dan Gluesenkamp, (Director of Habitat Restoration at Audubon Canyon Ranch), Laura Castellini (GGNRA and Nature in the City)

Photo: Chris Carlsson—August 15, 2009 march to Chevron Refinery in Richmond, California, demanding Climate Justice among other things. Oct. 28 Talk will be on politics of Climate Change.

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