TALKS! Philippines: Immigration Politics and the Body

TALKS! Philippines: Immigration Politics and the Body

Wed. Nov. 18, 7:30pm, Free

This panel brings artists and scholars together who work in the areas of Filipino history, colonization, decolonization and the creation of cultural forms. It will evoke and address our diasporic, transnational and shifting identities as Filipinos/Filipino-Americans and political relationships historically and today between the Philippines and the United States. Aimee Suzara, Aimee Espiritu, Leny Strobel, and Jorge Emmanuel.

Boundaries and their Breaking (Chapter 4)


  • Jessica Robinson Love

    Wow! This was an incredibly compelling and powerful evening! Listen to the full recording here:

    Check out comments from the audience… And leave your own comments by replying to this post!

    What did you like about tonight’s event?
    + History of the Philippines
    + Personal stories
    + It was really really great to learn about real histories. Very stimulating, important.
    + It was very educational – all three presenters added a unique perspective and provided an overview of complexity of Filipino experience and its history.
    + The topic and intimacy.
    + The art related to society today. Great speakers.
    + The talk and artist’s openers.
    + Very deep, moving, great to learn this history and see it tied to creative production.

    What do you wish the speakers had addressed? What would you like to have seen asked?
    + I wish the questions had been answered 1 x 1. I could not stay to end, so didn’t get to hear any answers to such good questions.
    + All of it was good.
    + Activism in the Philippines

    What questions were you left with?
    + Precolonial Philippines
    + More history
    + How to keep the dialogue going?
    + This persistent issue of “black” that colonization comes up against, that black is the worst thing. And how does self-hate look different in different communities? THAT is divide and conquer.

  • Sarah Jessee

    Audience members let us know that they didn’t just talk, and didn’t just listen — they learned:

    “Thank you. Deep. More HISTORY education at CP.”

    “Excellent! Very informative and inspirational.”

    “Very informative. The importance of looking past what you are told to discover for yourself. The truth — I found to be motivating. Also, felt the courage it took to face the drama of the past. I never knew this war existed until today.”

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