Space/Theater:     Our Studio/Theater is : 28.5ft wide x 28’ deep x 16’4” high to lighting grid ceiling height.  Fully sprung hardwood floor covered with black marley, option of black curtains, white cyc or white wall option, aerial riggable. There are two (2) single ­stall ADA bathrooms, dressing room/green room. Dressing room/green room is suitable for 5­-10 people. There are 2 toilet rooms with one that has a shower.

Curtains: There will be 2 Curtain tracks so that you can have all white walls or all black curtains wall to wall and all black curtains with a Stage Right off stage area.  There is the option of to use our white cyclorama which will allow a white smooth background upstage for projection or to light with color LEDs.

Curtain Track Opt A: Curtain Track Opt B:
Performing Area Width: 23’­2” Performing Area Width: 28’­8”
Performing Area Depth: 28’­3” Performing Area Depth: 28’­3”
Ceiling height to grid:   16’­1 1/2” Ceiling height to grid:   16’­1 1/2”

Technical Equipment: 

Audio Main Equipment: Other Audio:
 1 Sound Mixer: Qu16 Allen & Heath Digital 1 Mac Mini with Qlab installed
4 Main Speakers: Meyer Sound UPJ-1P 4 Wired Vocal Mics
 2 Subwoofer Speakers: Meyer Sound 500-HP
Projection Equipment: Other Projection Accessories:
 1 Projector: NEC LCD WUXGA 8000 LUMEN PROJECTOR WITH STANDARD NP41ZL LENS 1 Projector: Optima EP 770, 3000 ANSI lumens, VGA/DVI
1 Projector: E-Vision WXGA 6500 VGA/HDMI 1 50ft HDMI cable
1 50ft VGA cable
Dimming & Control:
 46 Available 2.4K Dimmers
2 Dimmer Racks: ETC Unison Rack 1-24 & 25-46
 1 Light Board Console: ETC Element 40 Sub Faders & 500 Channels
REP Light Plot Positions:
Front Lights ­ Down Stage Hi Sides ­ Down Stage LED Back Lights LED CYC/Bk Wall Lights
Front Lights  ­ Up Stage Hi Sides ­ Up Stage Center Center Top Light

CounterPulse maintains a small stock of gels, but recommend that designers provide their own gels as needed.

When available, updated equipment details will be posted on our website and distributed to all contracted artists. Please contact the Technical Director, gg torres ( with any questions regarding technical equipment as it relates to your production.

Audience Seating: CounterPulse has a legal capacity of 149 people.  Standard seating accommodates is 100 seats.  10 pillows are available for floor seating.

Alternate seating configurations are possible (in the round, concert pit, etc). Please connect with the Producing Director in advance to arrange for a change to our standard configuration, additional fees associated with space, supplies and staff will be determined on a case by case basis.

Accessibility:   CounterPulse is an ADA-­accessible theater. Wheelchair ramps and elevator must be accessible at all times. The backstage areas must be kept clear before/after the show and during intermission to allow access to restrooms.  All fire exits must not be obstructed.

For more information, contact our Tech Director GG Torress with any questions.