What’s the value of human body?

What’s the value of human body?

A quick-not-so-scientific-research on google about the value of human body reveals different numbers from different perspective:

According to TIMES, Stanford economists Stefanos Zenios and colleagues have demonstrated that the average value of a year of quality human life is about $129,000.

DataGenetics took the approach of reducing human body into basic elements, demonstrated very well with this diagram taken from the post:


(SPAM stands for Superb Person Atomizing Machine)

It concludes that the grand total of material cost for a typical human body is a meager $160.

A study on FinanceDegreeCenter took the approach of consulting the black (red) market for human body worth, depicted the this image on their blog:

black market

The result: theoretically, your body worths up to $45million. But that very much depends on your nationality. For example, a kidney worths $262,900 from an American, $62,000 from a Chinese, and $15,000 from an Indian. So theoretically, a Chinese is worth about a quarter of an American, an Indian however, is worth less than one tenth of an American.

Lastly (not the least), lifehappens.org kindly provides a calculator for us to calculate how much does our life worth from insurance company’s perspective. According to this calculator, my life worths about $449,000 at this moment. A person with 1 million annual income, and 30 year to retirement worths about $4million. You can click on the following chart to calculate the value of your own life:



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