Art & Politics: Andrew Schoultz

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  • G. Lewis Heslet


    Just wanted to write you to let you know that I just released a short documentary on the artist Andrew Schoultz. I know you’ve worked with Andrew before so I thought you might dig it.

    A seasoned muralist, Andrew Schoultz practiced his craft illegally on walls throughout San Francisco before successfully pitching his skills to Aaron Noble and the influential Clarion Alley Project. In years since he has refined his work to a state of mastery and continues, both in and out of the studio, to produce an ever changing and deeply profound body of work. In his show “Compound Eyes On The World” at Marx and Zavattero Gallery in San Francisco, Andrew presented work exploring the blur of mob perspective in the modern world.

    Andrew has work right now in two incredible exhibitions. He has an installation and a gigantic painting at the Long Beach Museum of Art for their show Vitality and Verve which is up until Oct 25th. He also has a solo show entitled Cyclical Nature at Mark Moore Gallery in Los Angeles up until October 31st. You must see this work in person the detail is incredible, please give yourself the gift of art and visit these works while you can.

    Please share if you like it,

    G. Lewis Heslet

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