Tenderloin Arts Lending Library

Tenderloin Arts Lending Library

The Tenderloin Art Lending Library (TALL) is a queer-artist-run project that lends artwork to Tenderloin community members free-of-charge. TALL is a trust-based program where artists—the majority of whom are homeless, formerly homeless, and live or work in the Tenderloin—donate artwork that is available for loan to any member of the Tenderloin community free-of-charge.

TALL is predicated on the belief that Tenderloin residents deserve to appreciate all forms of visual arts expression. In CounterPulse’s spirit of accessibility, TALL provides this opportunity.

How it works:

Come to CounterPulse the first Tuesday of each month between 12pm-2pm

To borrow artwork from TALL, we’ll need:


  • A photo ID
  • Proof of residence
  • A reliable way to contact you


You may borrow a piece of framed original artwork and keep in your home for one month. Return the artwork at the end of the month and you may borrow another piece.

For more info contact Neighborhood Arts Manager, Rick Darnell at (415) 626-2060 or rick@counterpulse.org

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